Mission Statement

Mission Statement
To work together with business, government and the community to develop solutions which value diversity, encourage communication and collaboration, and expand and promote respect across industries.
Vision Statement
Our vision is to continue to be a dynamic client focused gateway for customer based solutions both on and off line that meets the needs of community, business and government.
Customer Service

  • To always deliver on time and to exceed expectation
  • To know each individual client and value their opinions, input, experience and knowledge
  • To always value existing clients, encourage feedback and strive for improvement to ensure satisfaction

To provide a valuable and meaningful contribution to market and internet presence to selected not-for-profit organisations that
Support and encourage respect across barriers
Provide a service to those who are disadvantaged
Fill an important need in the community
Gain the majority of their funds through sponsorship and donation
Community Consultation
To assist with the development of communication and cooperation between government and the community
To deliver meaningful, realisable strategies arising out of respectful and comprehensive community consultation
To arrive at solutions that provide for satisfaction of all stakeholders
Web Design and IT support
To understand the target market of each individual client and meet those needs through the provision of an effective web site
To deliver very high quality sites that effectively work with the infrastructure available to the said target market
To develop cost efficient, individual and innovative sites that are reliable and fast
To stay abreast of industry developments

To fully understand the target market of individual clients and subsequently deliver an effective campaign
To stay abreast of industry developments and opportunities
To deliver strategies which have the potential to produce measurable result


Contacting Us

The Pier Hotel
5 Elizabeth Street
George Town, Tasmania
p. (03) 6382 1300
f. (03) 6382 2085
e. info@pierhotel.com.au

Finding Us

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